Alys ( Kazuko Watada) Sakaji

My Memories of the Westside Church of Christ

The earliest recollection of my childhood in Los Angeles was the earthquake in '32 (?) living at the time at1444 W. 37th Street, lower level of a two story home. Vaguely, recall the Church of Christ using our living room and dining room for Sunday services.

Shortly thereafter we moved a couple of houses down the block. The Sasaki family of 4 or 5 lived upstairs. Shortly thereafter the Ishiguro's moved in. Father was the preacher. His wife and one son moved in upstairs. 

They also had a Japanese school there where Mrs. Masato who lived across the street was teaching. Have lost all track of these people. Would be interesting to see the results of your History Project!

Couple of names here I don't see on your list who probably attended the church are: Masato's, Shigekuni's (had a nursery), the Kawaguchi's, a classmate of mine. Sounds like an interesting project, what a job! I'll be looking forward to your completed project.

Alys (Kazuko Watada) Sakaji