Frances F Palmer

Westside Memories


All the missionaries that stopped by to preach: from Asia, Germany. Joe and Delores Lyon - I was baptized by Joe, in March 1961. I felt then and never again the "prick" of the Holy Spirit and was "convicted" that I needed to say aloud that I believed that Jesus is God's Son and that I was ready to admit my sin.

When I tell others about the actual 
physical "pain/prick" in my heart, they think I misunderstand what that scripture says, but I really believe that the scripture uses exact words and when the crowd at Pentecost heard Peter's sermon, they were "pricked in their hearts" and compelled by that actual physical feeling, to repent and to be baptized.

Delmar Bunn - The finest preacher I had heard until Milt up here in Seattle; and his disciple and friend, Dieter Alten, from Germany.The Robbs; the Waldrons The faithful Issei - always carrying their Bibles to church; their cottage meetings!

My teacher Astor Ikezoye Nori - when Nelmarie convinced us that we should show people that we weren't stuffy, and he sang

"I can do anything better than you," from Annie Get Your Gun, with special words, for a parents' night program.

The Pepperdine students who came to help out at Westside - they had a special relationship with Jesus that I never seen before: these were George and Mary Ann Bragg; Bob and Gina Waldron; Betty Ousley and John Wyatt; Jean Copeland and Randy Knox; the Robbs; Mary and Glenn, the cowboy. They did things we never did before: camp outs; outings I remember the time I took my girls horseback riding at Griffith Park and one fell off the horse as it thundered home.

Picking up Lance and Janice for Sunday School - he got razzed by some friends when he said where we were going (they said something like "you kidding?) but he came anyway! Joe leading singing Yutaka Niisato's son Gary running up to imitate his dad, leading singing. Yutaka was embarrassed but I wasn't the only one who thought it was the best tribute a son could give to his father and our Father.

All the teens and young people meeting at the Aiboshis and having fun together - some lifelong friendships, and even some marriages (Darryl and Mona!) began there.

The Building

I can remember before the current building, when there was an old house which used to be a candy store and we would come over to stare at the treats in the glass case after school at Sixth Avenue School. Our Sunday School class met in Ishiguro sensei's son's bedroom - the adults met after Sunday school and I could hardly wait for the day until I was old enough to worship with "the adults" in the big room in the old house. The Japanese school met in the old building for a while and I went. Those teachers were very strict and very intimidating but I learned a lot.


My first time ever was up some place in San Bernardino - with the church group.

Obachan and Ojichan - opening up the building; cleaning it. I remember listening to Obachan on the phone encouraging people, including the preacher! - or so it seemed in as much Japanese as I could understand.

As with many good things, the church that met at Westside over all these years will be part of my heart and many others' forever. All of the faithful teachers and leaders gave me and many others the chance to know God and his love, for which I am ever grateful.

I’m sending copies of some old pictures I found of people at church/after church, before Darryl was old enough to hold a camera.

Frances F Palmer