Harry Robert Fox Jr.

My Memories of the Westside Church of Christ

I first attended Westside during the 1943-44 school year when I was a student at Pepperdine College and was 22 years old. I went as a visitor with Bro. and Sis. E. A. Rhodes. I became a morefrequent visitor during the 25 years my wife and I lived in Los Angeles between March 1958 and April1983--especially after each of my trips to Japan when Westside invited me to report on those trips. During those years, I was also invited to conduct one gospel meeting ("dendokai") and to teach a series of lessons on the book of Romans. (I was especially blessed by the great interest shown by Bro. Nori Sekino in those lessons. ) For several years I was invited to conduct a home Bible study in the home of Sis. Yasue Horino one Friday evening per month.

Each time I visited the Westside church I was warmly received by every member of both the Issei and Nisei congregations. My most pleasant memories are the pot-luck dinners prepared by the women on almost every Sunday I was invited to speak to the church.

I appreciated your sponsorship of Marlin and Jean Ray as missionaries to Japan. I had the pleasure of seeing them again on my latest trip to Japan August 10-22, 2000. They continue to render very valuable services to the cause of Christ in Japan.

I deeply appreciate the dedication of so many to the life of the Westside church including every member of the Sekino family, the Nonaka's, the Shigeo Saito's, the Mori's, the Matsumoto's, Darryl Shimazu, the Aiboshi's, the Nagai's, the Shigekuni's, the Nogaki's and others whose names elude me. I thank God for bringing me into the life of the Westside Church and into long-term, ongoing friendships with so many members of that church.

Harry Robert Fox, Jr.