Joy Simmons

My Memories of the Westside Church

My family (my mother, sister and I) began attending Westside in 1960 or '61. Being a part of a church with girls my age was so powerful. In fact,  because my friends at church attended Japanese School or 'J-school" (as it was known back then), I asked my parents if I could go. I went and even graduated.

I remember the wonderful diversity we had at Westside. There were not only the Iseii and the Nisei families (gosh, I remember the little old ladies coming out of 2nd service), but the white college students who became missionaries and the black families (of which I was about the only one left after Crenshaw was founded).  

When Crenshaw began in '63, my parents continued to take me to Westside. I was baptized there in 1965.

There was Camp Tonda.  I always thought I would go to Pepperdine for college ... that's where everyone went at the church and that's when it was on Vermont.   

My friends Janice, Ellen, Linda, Mona … gosh … it's been so long.

I'll never forget returning to Westside when I was “grown” and how my good friends gave me a baby shower for my first-born.

So many memories … so many friends … I learned so much there ...

Joy Simmons, MD