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Church History

Members of Church of Christ in the community of Nashville, TN were called to do mission work and evangelize the Japanese people of Los Angeles under the leadership of Bro. S.H. Hall and  R.S. King. They chose Bro. Hirosuke Ishiguro, a minister of Otsuka Church of Christ in Tokyo, to lead this movement. Ishiguro,  a graduate from Abilene Christian College in Texas, was at the time making frequent trips to and from Japan for both mission work and delivering sermons.

On January 27th, 1923, Bro. Ishiguro, S.H. Ivich, and W.E. Miller opened the doors of the Westside Church of Christ. It was a place worship services, both in Japanese and English, Sunday School, and other church activities at the temporary meeting place of 1270 W. 35th St., Los Angeles


The Churches of Christ is a group who stand on principle as Thomas Campbell asserted, "We speak words the Bible speaks and keep silent where the Bible keeps silent." We depend on the New Testament totally; we follow every teaching that the New Testament requires. The Bible is the only basis and principle of our faith.

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